HP ePrint Envy 5543 Setup and Support

HP ePrint Envy 5543 is a free application present in HP Envy 5543 wireless printers, with which you can print documents in emails sent to the device. Word documents, PDFs, Photos can be sent with ePrint and can be printed from anywhere with ease.

To use ePrint, you must register your Hewlett Packard HP Envy 5543 e- all-in-one printer at the HP Envy 5543 ePrint Center. It can be done using a unique email address assigned to the printer. With ePrint you can print on the go as long as, your device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the HP Printer.

Before using HP ePrint, make sure you have an active internet connection


  • Switch ON the Web Services from the printer’s control panel.
  • Enabling Web Services helps your HP envy 5543 printer to connect to the internet and to the Hp ePrint cloud service.
  • Web Services can be turned ON using Web Service setup or Wireless setup by clicking Setup.
  • After the above steps, the Web Service Summary is displayed. Click Print info to get the print out of the information page.
  • The printed information page contains the printer’s claim code or its email address.
  • Example of the Printer’s claim code: 34axeck44bfrb
  • The claim code combined with the suffix @hpeprint.com, is your printer’s email address. Example: 34axeck44bfrb@hpeprint.com
  • After completing the above steps, you can send and print your print jobs to your HP ePrint enabled Envy 5543 printer using the printer’s email address from anywhere.


Using HP ePrint Envy 5543 :

  • Open the HP Envy 5543 ePrint app on your Android device
  • Select the file or document that you want to print.
  • The preview screen opens up in which, select the print settings icon
  • You can change print settings and after that return to the print preview screen and
  • After the above step is complete, Click Print.
  • If you want to print photos, open the photo option on your ePrint App, on your Smartphone.
  • Click on the Print Settings icon to make any changes, and tap print to get the print out


123 HP Envy 5543 Wireless Printer Setup

HP Envy 5543 e- all-in-one Printer Wireless Setup:

HP Envy 5543 supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) and PIN methods of wireless setup.

The initial setup of your HP Envy 5543 e- all-in-one printer can be done, using the instructions on the printer manual.


If you have a wireless router which supports WPS mode, then you can follow the WPS mode of wireless setup.

If your wireless router doesn’t support WPS, then you can go to the Wireless setting menu method, of the wireless setup instead.

HP Envy 5543 Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS):

  • Press and hold the Wireless Button on the printer.
  • After the above step, the wireless light in the printer starts blinking.
  • Press WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) on your wireless router.
  • After the above step, the wireless setup will initialize and it will take 2-3 minutes to complete.

PIN or Wireless setting Menu method:

  • Press the Wireless Button on the printer’s control panel.
  • Go to Settings and then select Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the wireless connection.
  • Enter your details, such as network username and password during the setup process.
  • Insert your printer drivers CD-ROM, to install HP Envy 5543 printer driver software.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the wireless setup.

Envy 5543 Printing With Windows 10 Mobile

You can directly print documents or images from your Windows 10 Mobile device, to your HP Envy 5543 printer.

  1. Make sure that the HP Envy 5543 printer and your Windows 10 Mobile device are connected to the same wired (Ethernet) or wireless network.
  2. Go to Wi-Fi settings on your Windows 10 Mobile device, and connect it to your wired or wireless network.
  3. Open the document or an app like email, which has the file you want to print.
  4. Click on the Print icon .
  5. After the above step, a print preview screen appears in which you can select your 123.hp.com/envy5543 printer and change any print settings, if necessary.
  6. Once the necessary changes are made, click Print.
  7. It also gives you options like number of copies, color of the print, paper size, paper range and orientation.

If the print job doesn’t get printed then, it could be due to the following issues;

  • Poor or no network available
  • Power saving mode is ON
  • Printer is OFF

To cancel a print job:

To cancel or check the status of a print job, follow the steps below,

  • Go to print queue on your Windows 10 mobile by tapping the Print icon.
  • Swipe down the display, the current print jobs are displayed.
  • Select the print job that you want to cancel, and then tap Cancel.123.hp.com/envy5543.